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Parents love this App!

Childcare Parent App - Daycare Software

The app every parent has been wishing for

Learn more about your child's day even when at work. Receive real-time updates about your child's activities, food intake, mood, learning skills and much more.

You always like to know more about your toddler’s day at the daycare but you seem to be lagging behind – unless if you had the chance to see the teacher and get a briefing about his/her day (if you could!). Read more ...

Loving Parent

Why Teachers choose TodLog?

Childcare Teacher App - Daycare Software

Daycare App built for Teachers

Spend less time on paperwork and more time with the kids. Document the child's learning activities and delight parents with a picture of their child.

With Todlog, you can now update parents about their toddlers with a click of a button! It’s as simple as tick, tick, tick, upload, share and announce! You no longer need to worry about the paperwork or the queries. Read more ...

Caring Teacher