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Childcare Parent App - Daycare Software

The app every parent has been wishing for

Learn more about your child's day even when at work. Receive real-time updates about your child's activities, food intake, mood, learning skills and much more.

Parents love this App!

You always like to know more about your toddler’s day at the daycare but you seem to be lagging behind – unless if you had the chance to see the teacher and get a briefing about his/her day (if you could!).
What did my child do today? Any milestone(s) to record? Singing the alphabet? Dancing and playing around? Reading words? You just wish you were there to document all this!
You’d like to know even more details: how much time did my child sleep today? Who is my child getting along with?
Todlog is the app built just for you, for your happiness, for your peace of mind, for your knowledge. With Todlog you can connect with the daycare and stay connected with your child.

"Huda Bakhour" - Loving Parent