Child care apps for every daycare

Spend less time documenting and more time with the kids

TodLog keeps Parents, Teachers and Daycares Connected!

Why Choose TODLOG?

We help daycares provide the best experience for kids and parents by keeping them connected.
Our mission is to modernize the way parents, teachers, and daycare personnel communicate.
Say goodbye to lost journals and missing documents with our complete daycare solution.

Daycare Portal

  • Keep children records in one place
  • Schedule events and plan food menus
  • Empower teachers and delight parents

Teacher App

  • Track attendance and complete daily reports
  • Notify parents of their child's needs

Parent App

  • Stay connected with their kids at all times
  • Receive daily reports about their child's mood, food intake, activities, and needs

Creative Concept

The Ultimate tool for daycares. Join us on this journey of localized data, simple interface and continuous connectivity as we keep your daycare moving.

Amazing Design

Because your privacy means everything to us. All communication with our servers is encrypted to keep your information safe and secure.

Cost Effective

Enjoy intuitive nice looking web and app tools for everyone. Pen and paper are yesterday's news with TodLog's cloud-based solutions.


Demonstrated savings and increased income. Save money and trees as you modernize your daycare, cut down costs and go digital.

Track Attendance

Mark a child present or absent in seconds and forget about missing attendance sheets.

Keeping children records up-to-date is a breeze as teachers save time and effort with this awesome app.

Daycare Attendance App

Complete Daily Reports in 30 Seconds

Spend less time documenting and more time with the kids.

Say goodbye to lost journals and missing documents. Send important alerts to parents or chat with them about their child's needs..Send important alerts to parents or chat with them about their child's needs.

Connect with Your Child

Know how your child's day is going even when you are in the office

Take a break from your work day and browse through your phone to learn about your child's mood, food intake, activities, and needs. Parents love this app!

  • " I love this app, it's like I am with my child even when I am at work. "

    Loving Parent - TodLog Parent App
  • " I cannot imagine going back to pen and paper, this app makes my life so much easier. "

    Daycare Teacher - TodLog Teacher App
  • " We are exicted to release our Parent and Teacher apps. "

    TodLog Application Team
  • " We are exicted to release our Parent and Teacher apps. "

    TodLog Application Team
  • " Our school module makes adminstration a breeze. "

    TodLog Web Team
  • " Parents stay connected to their child and attend to their needs. "

    TodLog Care Team

What can you do with TodLog?

TodLog helps you track attendance, fill out daily reports, schedule events, and send real-time updates.
Document children's activities, progress, food intake, needs and much more.
Save time and money and put a big smile on parents' faces.

Track Attendance

Track Attendance

One Tap Attendance

Save time and money with accurate attendance records. Get access to attendance reports and bill the right way.

Report Daily

Complete Daily Reports

Reports Make Parents Smile

Empower teachers with the tools they need so parents can learn about their child's day.

Schedule Events

Schedule Events

No More Missed Events

Make sure parents never miss an event for their child!


Send Messages and Communicate

Parents and Teachers Connected

Notify parents when their child is sick and learn about delays ahead of time.

Save Time

Save Time and money

One Stop Solution

Monitor progress, track children, keep attendance and save time and money!

Access Anywhere

Access Anywhere

Stay Connected

Get real-time updates whether you are in the office, on the go or in the comfort of your home!

We cater to all daycares

The right package for the right size.
Small, medium, and large-sized daycares can find what they want.

Small Daycares

We support small businesses. Just opened your first daycare or enjoy having small numbers, we have the right package for you.

Medium Daycares

This package is ideal for medium-sized daycares. Talk to a representive today to onboard your daycare.

Large Daycares

You are well-established and have many kids at your daycare. TodLog offers great solutions that meet your growing needs.

For bigger packages, please contact us for our competitive higher capacity pricing.

TodLog Inc.

Our company was founded in the beautiful city of Toronto.

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